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Executive Search

Executive Search is a specialized, retained form of recruitment that extends beyond a standard hiring process. It often includes organizational assessment, advising executive leadership teams and facilitating the integration of a new leader into an organization.

Critical to the success of an executive search is the partnership that is built between the search firm and the client, in order to successfully attract, identify, evaluate and select the ideal candidate for the role. At Cannabis Recruiting, we adopt a rigorous search methodology to make sure the successful candidate is thoroughly assessed through various stages of the search process, resulting in a successful, long-term hire for your organization.  We understand the urgency of getting the right leadership in place in the cannabis industry.

When Executive Search is the Right Service

When you are looking to fill critical senior-level appointments.

When the role that needs filling is essential to your succession plan and your organization’s overall success.

When the stakes are high and there is a limited candidate pool.

When your ideal candidate works for a close competitor.

When the search needs to be managed with a high level of discretion and sensitivity.

When you have a need for transparency in working with a pool of internal and external candidates.

Features of our Executive Search Service

Senior professionals with a strong track record and reputation backed up by testimonials from long-term clients and candidates.

Research capabilities enabled by state-of the art research techniques and technology.

Consultants with expertise in competency-based interviews, leadership assessment, human resources and management consulting.

Professional representation, problem-solving and partnership approach.

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